Hi, my name is Mario Bello
president of the
Bison Society
a non-profit
environmental organization
established in 1995 to
protect and preserve the
flora and fauna of our planet.
I would like to briefly explain the goals and the mission of our organization.
We are located on American soil so we named our society after symbols that
represent America.  The magnificent giant
Sequoia tree is indicative of all the
forests and flora of the world and the large powerful
Bison is symbolic of all the
animals sharing the planet earth with us.  

Vegan Village is a website created by the Sequoia Bison Society to bring
attention to the largest contributor to global warming affecting the entire planet:
Factory Farming of Livestock Animals.  

A very
Inconvenient Truth that Al Gore refuses to mention in his excellent book is
that the meat and dairy industry produces a greater carbon footprint and
contributes to polluting our atmosphere even more than the combustible engine.

So in addition to our job of lobbying and educating politicians regarding the
protection of our wildlife and the expansion of their natural habitat, we are
separately confronting an urgent matter that is detrimental to all the inhabitants of
the big blue marble we call earth, Factory Farms and the damage their products
cause to our health and the environment.  

Vegan Village website was established to offer healthy, nutritious and tasty
alternatives to a meat-based diet.  

Of course we support the goals of organizations like
Greenpeace, The Sierra Club,
The Nature Conservancy, The Audubon Society
and The World Wide Fund For
but the majority of these well-intentioned groups are ignoring the
predominant cause of rainforest destruction and the loss of wildlife habitat.  

Irreplaceable forests are being destroyed to create grazing land to raise cattle and
other livestock animals to satisfy the insatiable demand for meat and dairy

Vegan Village website not only offers healthy and delicious plant-based
recipes but also furnishes the public free of charge scientific
Articles and Videos
that substantiate the incredible benefits of a vegan diet.  

Personally I feel we have a lot of important life saving information to offer our
visitors.  I am not an accredited or licensed medical practitioner but I am an astute
researcher who has studied the subject of healthcare for over 30 years and
presumptuously claim to know more about health than the average pill promoting

I do not ask the visitor to take any advice from a layperson like myself but rather
present them with compelling articles and videos from accredited men and
women of science who offer natural alternative healthcare suggestions that
radically deviates from their colleagues in the medical profession.  

We have been led astray by the profit motivated pharmaceutical industry and
their sales force the medical profession, regarding the causes of ill health.  
See my comprehensive article
The Cause and Cure for All Disease.

Industrialized factory farms run by large corporations in conjunction with our
legally bribed government officials have produced food pyramids that
deceptively emphasize meat and dairy products as necessary and healthy for us.  

This type of propaganda is misleading the consumer and perpetuates health
problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  

Unfortunately the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession refuse to
equate an unhealthy meat and dairy diet with these debilitating diseases.  

They would rather tell their customers that they are the victims of germs and
viruses and that diet or lifestyle has nothing whatsoever to do with their health

Patients are informed that the only solution to their illness is expensive drugs and
highly toxic and dangerous chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  

We are constantly being told by so-called nutritional experts that we need animal
protein for a healthy body and dairy products for healthy bones.  So we never
seem to associate this type of food as the culprit for our ill health.  

Sequoia Bison Society and our subsidiary the Vegan Village are not profit
motivated and we seek only one thing, The Truth.  

I am not sure if my colleagues from the major environmental organizations are
avoiding the debilitating effects that meat and dairy products have on the human
body and the devastation that factory farms cause to our planet, out of ignorance
on this subject or out of fear of offending their Omnivorous members?  

As George Bernard Shaw points out in his humorous but brilliantly poignant book
The Doctors Dilemma it is almost impossible to get honest reliable treatment from
a profit motivated medical industry.  

The tobacco companies lied and deceived us for years about the harmful effects
of the products they were selling.  
And now Big Pharma and the licensed distributors of their drugs are doing the same
thing, skillfully selling us their snake-oil products that have deadly side-effects.  
I have been a student of natural hygienic healthcare for over 30 years; I am now
72 years old and have not taken any medication for over a quarter of a century,
not even an aspirin and I am pain free and feel perfectly healthy.  

I guarantee visitors to the
Vegan Village website that if they read the Articles
watch the
Videos and try the Recipes they will understand how to stay healthy
without harmful medications and discover for themselves that a plant-based diet
cannot only save and extend their life but can be extremely tasty and enjoyable.
Take the first step toward being a conscientious individual and break away from
the lies and distorted propaganda being sold to us by profit motivated industries,
do not contribute to the unethical cruelty of Factory Farming and start taking care
of your health and the health of the planet.  

Thanks for visiting.
Mario Bello
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