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The Vegan Village is a subsidiary of the Sequoia Bison Society, a non-profit
environmental organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the flora and fauna
of our planet through education.  

A very
Inconvenient Truth that Al Gore refuses to mention in his book is that the meat
and dairy industry produces a greater carbon footprint and contributes to climate
change even more than the combustible engine.  

Modern Day Factory Farms the size of a city are inhabited by thousands of livestock
animals that pollute our streams and rivers with unprocessed manure and urine.  

This unregulated waste matter also emits enormous amounts of toxic gases such as
ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane that contaminate our atmosphere.  

So not only are animal products bad for our health but they are also destructive to the

Sequoia Bison Society through the Vegan Village website is trying to emphasize
with important scientific
Articles and Videos that planet earth cannot sustain a meat
and dairy diet indefinitely, especially as the population increases and countries like
China are beginning to imitate the American lifestyle.  

Vegan Village website offers a wide variety of healthy nutritious and extremely
Vegan Recipes to help make the transition.  

Please help us spread the word that meat and dairy products are damaging our health
and a plant-based diet is the remedy for staying healthy and saving our planet.  

Thank you, and we value whatever contribution you care to make.


                                       Mario Bello
Sequoia Bison Society
Your donation will allow us to continue to offer the public, creative, original,
delicious vegan recipes, and selective scientific articles & videos that conclusively
substantiate the health benefits of a plant-based diet.  
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